Land Rover reveals Bond spec SVR

The Range Rover Sport features in No Time To Die as well – here's how to configure one

By PH Staff / Tuesday, September 14, 2021 / Loading comments

In case you hadn’t noticed, a new Bond film is almost upon us. It has been for some time. No Time to Release (or possibly Die) is finally imminent, having patiently waited for us to all stop being so un-007-like in the face of a novel coronavirus. Naturally its arrival has unleashed a torrent of pent-up manufacturer excitement; we’ve already had an Aston Martin DB5 in a box and a special issue V8 Defender – now we’ve got this, a not quite so special Range Rover Sport SVR.

Land Rover hasn’t made much noise about the involvement of its outgoing model in the film, preferring, quite understandably, to let the much newer Defender earn all the car-chase kudos. But the fastest and most powerful car in the manufacturer’s stable apparently features in a prominent chase, too – and with the film’s premiere just a couple of weeks away, now is obviously the time to talk about it.

“I was really keen to shoot a Bond chase sequence off-road, in a really challenging environment and the Range Rover Sport SVR was the perfect choice for this part of the story,” said stunt co-ordinator, Lee Morrison. “We shoot everything for real so we’ve pushed it to the absolute maximum and the pursuit promises to be one of the memorable set-piece moments of the film.”

Well, who can argue with that? Except Aston Martin, perhaps, given the presence of a perfectly capable, super-fast off-roader in its line-up. But let’s not get bogged down in product placement politics and instead all enjoy the spectacle of a six-figure SUV being purposefully overturned for our viewing pleasure.

Fun fact: Land Rover’s press release suggests the cars involved are essentially as they left the factory – certainly in terms of the air-sprung chassis and V8 powertrain. Although in the behind-the-scenes footage, the filmmakers do feel the need to point out that they had to extinguish virtually every safety feature the model is furnished with. Presumably before inserting some driver safety features of its own. But that’s all par for the course.

At this point news of a 007 edition SVR would be par for the course, as well – but Land Rover has already done that with the Defender. So instead it has contended itself with supplying this link that takes you straight to the Eiger Grey, 22-inch wheel-wearing configuration that features in the film. Which is yours for £113,340 – which, if you’re keeping score, is £5,300 more than the strictly limited 110 Bond Edition. Suave.

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