Land Cruiser gets new Toyota Heritage Parts

Not that anything will ever need replacing on a Land Cruiser 40, of course…

By Matt Bird / Monday, January 17, 2022 / Loading comments

At one end of Toyota’s current product strategy sits the electric vehicle onslaught, with everything from a new MR2 to an LFA replacement seemingly in the pipeline. At the other end is the Gazoo Racing Heritage Parts Project, a noble scheme to keep old and much-loved Toyotas in fine fettle. Because who better to supply replacement parts for classics than the company that made them in the first place? With early Supras and the AE86 already part of the programme, Toyota has now announced some parts for the Land Cruiser 40 will be reproduced.

For many the 40 is the definitive Land Cruiser, the car that established its indefatigable reputation across the world. Launched in 1960, the J40 generation was in production for almost a quarter of a century, and remains instantly recognisable more than 60 years later. If you think of a classic Land Cruiser, you think of a J40 – there’s a reason the V8 restomods are based on them…

Toyota’s strategy is a little less ambitious than stuffing an LS2 under the bonnet. It talks of “helping enthusiasts keep more of these mighty SUVs on the road” but doesn’t yet specify what will be on sale from next month. However, it does state that “a further 56 reproduction parts will be produced, for six different vehicles”, so it would appear that Gazoo Racing is committed to the heritage project beyond merely the hero cars.

As with the parts for the Supra and AE86, those for the Land Cruiser will be available through global Toyota dealers as bits would be for a new car. Which is neat. Although there’s no guarantee that your Land Cruiser project using Gazoo Racing Heritage Parts will look quite as good as this one. Tokyo showgoers will be able to see more from the heritage catalogue ahead of those additional items launching next month.

And if that all sounds a wee bit too niche, then Toyota has something new for the everyman buyer, too. Just last week it announced the opening of its official Amazon store in the UK. Which is effectively what it sounds like: click here and you have access to umpteen OEM bits and pieces, all available for purchase using your battle-hardened Amazon account.

Frankly, it’s a genius idea. Especially when we’re assured that the available stock will eventually swell to include Gazoo-branded products – meaning that shopping for Supra, Yaris and GR86 parts ought to be a cinch in the future. Don’t be surprised if the scheme eventually expands to include heritage parts, too. Which really would be old-meets-new in the best possible fashion.

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