Lamborghini Updates Configurator, Helps World Waste Time

Lamborghini saw the millions, begging for a cure to their boredom, and it answered. Updating its configurator, you now have a better way while away the hours during this pandemic.

You may wonder how much time one can possibly spend on a configurator that includes just three distinct models. Well, what starts as a simple choice becomes complicated quickly as, on the Aventador S alone, there are more than 50 exteriors colors to choose from.

Then there are the wheel choices, caliper colors, choices must be made in the engine bay, and then there are the accents to consider and before you know it, the sun has gone down and another day has blessedly passed without the need for more existential dread.

Spend your time considering the intricacies of color, the benefits of Alcantara, and the costs of carbon, instead of the real problems we all face.

And then go back and consider those problems because they aren’t going away unless we do something about them, like donating to the Minnesota Bail Fund, which has received unwarranted criticism online.

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