Ken Block confirms Audi-based ‘Electrikhana’

After 10 Gymkhana vids, Ken Block and Audi will electrify the franchise next year

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, September 29, 2021 / Loading comments

Just last week Ken Block confirmed a new partnership with Audi, to “develop innovative projects and push the boundaries of electric mobility” according to the man himself; now we’ve learnt what they’ll actually do together. And it’s the obvious one first: for Block’s 11th Gymkhana film, a franchise that now stretches back to 2008, he’ll use an adapted Audi E-Tron instead of the various ICE cars driven in the first 10 videos. ‘Electrikhana’, as Block has christened the 11th instalment, is coming next year.

In his announcement, Block tells us to expect a “very top secret” E-Tron. He’s been getting the practice in early, too, visiting Audi Sport to try out some of the back catalogue as well as a standard version of the new electric four-door and discover “the influence, heritage, and the future of the automobile manufacturer in racing”. It’s certainly strange to see Mr DC Shoes drive something silent, but that’s something we’ll all have to get used to for future Block productions. As the first of a three-part YouTube deep dive, we’re told to expect more drives (including more heritage Audis, and the new Dakar racer) as well as further details about the Electrikhana car.

Finally, for those wondering why Mr Hoonigan has made the switch, there’s an answer: “For me, it’s simple really: It’s new. It’s high-level performance. It’s the future. And new technology and forward thinking – the things Audi is great at – can be used to have even more fun with cars, and I am all about that” Block says in the YouTube description. Which is a pretty dramatic about-face for a man who’s built two Hoonicorn from 1965 Mustangs, a Hoonitruck from a ’77 Ford F-150 and ensured spots for two Escort rally cars in his garage, but then the automotive world as we know it is changing pretty rapidly. And if there’s one person to make electric Audis more interesting to enthusiasts, Kenny from the Block is the man.

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