Keeping my 6-year-old Maruti Baleno in good shape: 46,000 km update

I’ve installed a reverse camera & a new HU from Alpine. I would be changing all the fluids and filters soon.

BHPian Dr.Naren recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Ferodo brake pads installed

I find these pads super VFM (Rs.800). Good bite, low dust, and adequate fade resistance. I also changed the brake clips and caliper sliding pins. Engineering exponents did the job.

Continental UC6 195/55 R16 installed at rear

Got these tyres a few months back during an Amazon sale, around 6.2k per tyre. I have driven more than 1000 km. Good difference in comfort compared to OE Alnacs. Grip is better too. The front tyres are Yokohama BluEarth, good for another 10k km.

Antenna Rod

The old part was broken. Got the new one from Boodmo. Easy install.

Rear wiper blade

Maruti even sells the rubber strip as a part. I wasn’t aware of it then.

Fog lamp bezels

There were minor cracks, super cheap to replace anyways.

Blaupunkt DH05 reverse camera

Bought it online from motorogue (Rs. 2500). Good pricing and super quick delivery too.

Video quality is good. I find it decent enough even at night.

Oh yes, that’s a new HU from Alpine . I will post details on the new audio goodies soon.

Current ODO is 46,000+ km. Baleno is my daily drive now in Bangalore. I would be changing all the fluids and filters soon. Decat + resonator delete might be done too. It’s good to have a free-revving NA petrol car in the garage, K12 never disappoints and the stock map + XP 95 fuel is an amazing combination.

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