Jeep’s new entry-level SUV to be unveiled by end-2022

A fully-electric version is also slated to debut in 2024.

There have been rumours about Jeep working on a brand new entry-level SUV for quite some time now. According to a media report, the new SUV will be unveiled by end-2022, before going on sale in 2023. The new SUV will be positioned below the Renegade in the company’s model line-up.

Reports suggest that the new SUV will use Stellantis’ STLA Small platform, which also underpins the Citroen C3. The SUV will be developed by engineers from Italy and India and will be measure 4-metres in length. This indicates that Jeep could introduce the new SUV in India, as well as certain European markets.

The new-entry level Jeep SUV is expected to come with a choice of multiple powertrain options, including a fully-electric version, which is slated to debut in 2024. Also, all variants of the car will come with an optional all-wheel drive configuration.

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