Jaguar launches new Vision Gran Turismo Roadster

Thought GT7 was good already? Now it's time for the 1,000hp Jaguars…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, March 9, 2022 / Loading comments

Don’t worry, you’re not going mad – there have been Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo concepts before. The original VGT of 2019 was followed up by the 1,900hp SV at the end of 2020. Now there’s a third, the Vision GT Roadster, which by our count makes Jaguar the most prolific manufacturer when it comes to these Gran Turismo concepts. No accident, surely, for a brand set to embark on an electric reinvention and with a desperate need to attract younger customers.

Looks good, doesn’t it? There are nods to Jaguars past – the D-Type fin, an Ecurie Ecosse colour scheme and the ‘grille’ design between the lights – albeit mixed with much more modern details. Even in a world obsessed with supercar speedsters, this stands out for just how low, wide and dramatic it is. Albeit with familiar Jaguar cues, with front LEDs not a million miles from the F-Type’s design, and a rear that evokes the CX-75 concept. Obviously the freedom is there in a virtual world that doesn’t exist in real life, but creating something that looks like a Jaguar in a sea of crazy Vision Gran Turismo concepts won’t be the work of a moment.

Like all the concepts, however, the Roadster does come stacked with loadsa power. Using three electric motors, there’s 1,020hp on tap along with 885lb ft, which Jaguar says will catapult the car to 62mph in less than two seconds with a top speed of more than 200mph. Which ought to make Deep Forest Raceway even better. Though it feels a bit weird to add this about a car that only exists virtually, Jaguar says the VGT Roadster is built around a carbon composite and aluminium alloy monocoque – hopefully its Gran Turismo aluminium is lighter than its real-life stuff. The lithium-ion battery pack is as low as possible, the weight distribution is 50:50 and Jaguar promises that its “outstanding ride, handling and agility will deliver a truly unforgettable drive.”

With GT7 now out, all three Jaguar Vision Gran Turismos – the Coupe, the 255mph SV and this new Roadster – are available in the game. Kazunori Yamauchi said of the trio: “We are delighted to announce the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster, which completes the trilogy of Jaguar Vision vehicles for Gran Turismo 7. It was a great experience to work with the Design team at Jaguar. We look forward to drivers getting behind the virtual wheel in the new game. All three cars lend themselves perfectly to the exciting new user experience that GT7 will offer.” Get playing!

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