Is the Chevrolet Camaro on life support?

The Chevrolet Camaro may not be long for this world, if Muscle Cars and Trucks is to be believed. The outfit is reporting today that the ponycar will live to at least 2023, as the sixth-generation runs out, but may be put out to pasture after that.

The site cites simply “sources within GM” for the rumors.

The current Camaro sits on the fantastic Alpha platform, which also underpins the not-long-for-this-world Cadillac CTS and ATS sedans. Those are being replaced by the CT4 and CT5. Those new cars will sit on an updated Alpha platform, which the Camaro will not use, reportedly.

Chevy killed the Camaro once previously, in 2002, at the end of the so-so fourth-gen car. Sales were stagnating after hitting a high of 122K in 1995. It was still trounced by the Mustang that year, which sold 185K. By 2002, Chevy moved just 41,000 units. Lately, sales of the sixth-gen car have been down too.

A few more pieces of evidence: the 2019 Camaro redesign was not well received. Also, chief engineer Al Oppenheiser was assigned to new program while others on the team were sent elsewhere too.

However, Chevy and Camaro love runs deep. And remember, Ford almost dropped the Mustang back in the 1990s, but the ponycar was saved when fans went ballistic. We wouldn’t be surprised if that happens here too. Alternately, Chevy could always follow Ford and build a tall-roof, electrified version of its front-engine, rear-drive ponycar, creating a better business case for the flagging nameplate.

We contacted Chevy about the report; the company said this: “While we will not engage in speculation, we will remind you of our recently announced updates coming to the Camaro lineup this fall. An all-new LT1 model will provide customers V8 power with the design and affordability of our LT trim. The award-winning SS model will feature a new front fascia from the Camaro Shock concept. All of our updates are customer-driven to improve the car and its driving experience.”

So…there you go.

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