Installing a rear diff guard on the Mahindra Thar

People who take their Thars out for serious off-roading should consider this underbody protection.

BHPian Bibendum90949 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Yesterday, I tagged along with a friend who got underbody protection fixed, including a rear diff guard on his Mahindra Thar Petrol AT. It’s an Arka Motor Sports product and found to be of the highest quality. Everything was bolt-on with zero drillings. It was fixed at the dealer’s place itself. The material used is of aircraft grade 6000 series of aluminium alloy. People who venture out for some serious off-roading should have such protection, I reckon.

Some pictures below:

  • Rs 34k for the underbody shield
  • The DEF tank is Rs 6.5k
  • The differential guard is Rs 4.5k
  • The footstep assembly is Rs 25k

N.B: I’m in no way associated with Arka Motor Sports, just sharing information for the benefit of Thar owners.

I also got a chance to have a close look at the Aquamarine colour which I booked. Few pictures alongside the Rocky Beige. Both cars were dusty and hence the colour won’t be the same as in the photograph. Also, got to access the dealer yard. Most Thars parked were petrol models and many of them were found to be without the head units. The dealer folk who accompanied me mentioned most cars would get delivered in next few days and deliveries are moving at snail’s pace owing to inauspicious month as customers plan to have the car only by next month. He said they’ve received head units for all the Thars in their present inventory.

They’ve also received the XUV700 TD vehicles too, four of them. The new Vibrant Blue (not sure on the Mahindra lingo for this) and there was one BMW-ish Blue too which appears black from few feet away and once you’re near the car it would appear dark blue. Photographs were not permitted. TD’s would start post-October 2nd.

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