Innova Hycross test drive observations relative to a Ford EcoSport TDCi

Felt the Innova hycross has more compromise than the Crysta – a car tailored for India.

BHPian nischaltopno recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got a chance to test drive the HyCross. I have a 1.1L driven EcoSport TDCI MT and most of my observations are relative to it and a very short test drive of around 3 km.

I am looking for a 5 seater with good boot space. With a budget of 25 to 30 and peace of mind as one of the important criteria now, I cannot look beyond Toyota’s MUV. To me, each vehicle has some compromise, but I felt that HyCross has more compromises than Crysta (except the BS6 diesel issue which cannot be categorised as a compromise) – a car tailored for India.

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