Infotainment issue on my Tata Harrier: Repair costs pegged at Rs 50,000

The issue has been diagnosed it to be an LCD panel which would cost Rs. 50,000 to set right since my car is out of warranty.

BHPian kspv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own a 2019 manufactured TATA Harrier XZ. From the last two years, I am having this issue of one / two horizontal white lines appearing across the TFT screen of the Visteon infotainment system upon starting the car. The lines change colour (white to black etc.) after driving around for sometime. One of them altogether disappears once in a while. The other becomes ‘nearly’ invisible, but does not quite go away. It appeared to me that it could be a loose connector issue caused due to road bumps.

I therefore took the vehicle to Ashutosh Motors, Lokhara, Guwahati. The service engineer said that there was nothing wrong with the connectors, and it was a panel problem. Apparently, the replacement is hard to come by, and would take a long time. Its cost was mentioned to me as “about Rs.50,000/-“. I was also told that I have to leave the vehicle with the service center till the replacement comes – an impossible proposition for me! Repair of the Visteon unit does not seem possible locally.

Good quality third party Android Auto / Apple CarPlay systems with IPS capacitative touch screens and high RAM are available for TATA Harrier from Hypersonic and Woodman. But these are meant only for the XE and XT variants. For XZ, XZ+ and XZA variants, it looks like one has to live with the Visteon unit. I have escalated the matter to Mr. Sayak Sen, TATA’s senior manager in Guwahati, but am keeping my fingers crossed.

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