Hyundai dealer offers live stream of my Venue being serviced

Combining free pick-up and drop along with live streaming truly feels like it has redefined the service experience.

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My Venue iMT’s 2nd Service (1 year) is happening right now as I type at Modi Hyundai Goregaon, and they are offering live streaming of your car’s servicing!

I watched the tyre removal and alignment, the raising of the car and subsequent oil draining, and the filling of the new oil and reattachment of tyres, along with the A/C and engine bay cleaning.

The stream covered basically everything that I’d want to see to verify in person without the awkwardness and intrusion of standing in a workshop or a viewing/waiting room where you’re more likely to get in the way and be “that guy”.

The representative came to pick up my car at the scheduled time of 7:30 AM sharp, the service started at 09:50 AM and ended at 10:30 AM. I received the live stream link via text and mail a few minutes before the start of service, and they were waiting to start until they were sure I could view the stream properly.

Combining free pick-up and drop along with live streaming truly feels like it has redefined the service experience, and it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll be coming back to them provided there are no other niggles found later on. I feel engaged and in control in the process without stepping out from my home or taking a leave/half-day from the office to spend at the A.S.S.

Here’s what BHPian Nalin1 had to say on the matter:

That is excellent.

That solves the suspense and suspicion issues to a large extent. Well done to Hyundai!.

One reason why some have even moved to FNGs is because of not being able to see what is happening while prohibiting entry to the service area. This initiative will go a long way in terms of the trust.

Here’s what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

Wow. This shows the transparency of the dealership towards the service they offer. Wish this becomes standard operating procedure in future.

In recent times, even during a medical-surgical procedure, they capture videos and share them with patients. Hope the dealership does not charge you extra for this value-added service.

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