Hyundai Creta vs 2023 Hyundai Verna: Buy the sedan or get the SUV?

Creta/Seltos do offer a higher GC and I thoroughly enjoyed the higher stance, but another con with them is the Impending facelift which would now get the Engine and features that Verna offers me today.

BHPian AbeeBytes recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am looking to buy my first car in India. IN the beginning I inherited my Father’s 2000 Indica & then Ritz, both were basic/mid models without many bells & whistles as my father was an austere man. Then I moved to the US and continued the tradition of staying middle of the road when It came to car buying, the entry variant is too bare-bones & top-line usually does not offer any significant functional upgrade over the Mid variants. In my time in US, I owned a fully loaded pre-loved Nissan altima & a Camry. After my return, I took over my FIL’s 10 year old City as I was due to return anytime and this India break was supposed to be more of a temporary situation for a few months. Well, months turned into years with COVID and now I do not plan to return, I also moved out of the city and left the rusty 2007 City behind. Now I am with no car for a few months and want to get into something real quick.

All that Said, I am stuck in the SUV vs Sedan Dilemma. This began when I went to my nearby Hyundai showroom to check out the Venue, I had started with a budget of 15L OTR. As soon as we stepped in, we saw the new 2023 Verna in it’s white gleaming glory put on a pedestal as to seduce any new buyer right at the entrance.

Having come from a long line of sedan ownership, we were immediately gravitated towards the verna, the SA was a sharp man and got us a TD vehicle for both Venue and Verna, first the Venue turbo DC, the car was GOOD, comfy and family had no complains, neither did I feel it lacking in any manner, but just felt a little small.

Then we got into the manual Verna NA and that’s where the bug bit me. this thing, even in it’s NA avatar was super peppy, it went like a rocket almost hitting 80 on the second gear, turned on a dime & left me grinning ear to ear after my TD circuit. I have a completely broken road next to my apartment used by tractors and trucks for a pre-cast brick manufacturing & she ate up all the bumps effortlessly; Needless to say, we were in love.

Then came “Wo chaar Log” whoever I told about my love and plan to get into the verna, everyone gwaked at me with the same question/proposition, why not CRETA, and though I resisted initially, It did finally manage to confuse me.

So after the long thread, I am still stuck with this dilemma: I’ll fill the questionnaire below:

  • Budget: As close to 22L as manageable ( this extension is only for Verna Turbo DCT SXO)
  • Usage: Mostly outstation weekend trips from Bangalore with a family of 3 adults & a kid, occasionally, My sister may join making it 4 adults & 3 young kids.
  • Running: expected to be sub 10K/year. I work 100% remote so no city traffic struggle.
  • Considerations : 23 Verna turbo DCT SXO is where my hear lies. this time I want to make the top-line exception because ADAS, in my opinion is worth it.

Creta SX IVT/ Seltos HTK+: Because that’s the first model with Auto and the cost does not justify the switch to SX(o) to my mind. Just as a third contender & the middle class in me, I’m also seriously considering the Verna 1.5 NA IVT SX variant, for this is the closest to my initial budget of 15 L OTR.

Creta/Seltos do offer a higher GC and I thoroughly enjoyed the higher stance, but another Con with them is the Impending facelift which would now get the Engine and features that Verna offers me TODAY.

What does the forum think, Please help out.

Here’s what BHPian androdev had to say on the matter:

Case for sedan:

1. Decent amount of out station trips mostly using good roads.

2. You enjoy driving and appreciate lack of body roll and high speed dynamics of a sedan.

3. You don’t mind suffering a bit of bad roads to have a good looking sedan.

Case for SUV:

1. You mostly drive within the city – slow traffic and terrible roads.

2. You value practicality over beauty, aesthetics and other emotional nonsense.

If it’s 50-50, go with what suits your personality – some like practicality, some prefer aesthetics. Thanks to the craze for SUVs, I find sedans to be more value for money in the present market.

Here’s what BHPian bijims had to say on the matter:

If its a sedan you are looking for, you won’t regret getting the Hyundai Verna SX(O) DCT, as sedan launches in this segment are few and far between with only VW Virtus/Skoda Slavia (recently launched), Honda City (a mid-generation update just launched) and the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (no signs of an update) being the only ones left in the market under 30 lakhs.

So, for a sedan, the Verna should be your go-to choice. If it’s an SUV you are looking for, then the best alternative now would be the recently unveiled Kia Seltos Facelift, followed by the Hyundai Creta, but in that case with the facelift around the corner, the Creta facelift is worth the wait (it will have all the updates which the Seltos received, with a few differentiators here and there, and a better variant spread as well).

Considering your heart is with the sedan, then go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what BHPian mgastor2022grey had to say on the matter:

I would suggest you to go for the Verna, reasons:

  • Drives like a jewel
  • Rev happy motor
  • Driving feel
  • Premium quality
  • Better Build
  • ADAS
  • Beautiful design

You can go for a Creta if you want rear seat comfort and highway touring capability

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