Honda dealership gives me stamped letter for sun film: Legally useful?

The certificate says that the tint applied by the dealership on my Honda Jazz is within the legally permissible limit.

BHPian Chethan B G recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Car was kept clean and ready with all the accessories fitted.

The certificate confirms that the tint applied is within the legally permissible limit. Just in case, if the authorities want to check.

RTO Fine For Using Tinted Glass

Here’s what BHPian Aditya had to say about the matter:

The Supreme Court order is very clear that no after-market sun film of any type is permitted, so I am surprised to see a Honda dealership offering this letter.

Here’s what BHPian condor had to say about the matter:

Doubt this will hold, since it was not fitted at the factory. Else, how is a film from Puris or applied by the dealership any different from other brand films which are equally good, applied by other accessories dealers?

Here’s what BHPian AtheK had to say about the matter:

This won’t hold. Honda dealership is not a Law making body, and that letter means absolute zero value legally.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say about the matter:

This will not work. The SC ruling clearly said that you can’t put any kind of aftermarket film. Visibility % is inconsequential.

If the manufacturer provides 70% film as a factory fit, it will be allowed. But you can’t add it at your end. This is why Maruti and Toyota offer UV cut (tinted) glasses, and only on the top variant for maximum margins.

Here’s what BHPian akshaymahajan had to say about the matter:

But the letter doesn’t claim that it is legal – it just states facts.

Here’s what BHPian Vid6639 had to say about the matter:

Few points to note and others have already mentioned the law is clear in mentioning that you cannot apply anything externally to change the VLT. It doesn’t matter if 75% or 95%. It simply says nothing on top of factory glass.

Now the 2nd point of contention. No factory glass is 100% VLT. The VLT ranges from 80-90% usually. Maruti has started giving darker green tinted glasses which are allowed.

If you have a factory glass of the highest VLT of 90% and the tint you have 70% it means you now have an effective VLT of 63% already below the permissible limit.

It is, for this reason, the authorities kept the rule as no external film whatsoever to remove this ambiguity. If you have a car with 70% VTL glass from the factory like Maruti is doing then a 70% VLT film will bring that down to 49% VLT.

This letter from the dealer holds no ground as they check for a film not for the VLT test.

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