Grab drivers to go on strike today? Association unhappy with latest fare revision, claim earnings lower –

Grab drivers might go on strike later today. The Grab Drivers Malaysia Association (GDMA) is meeting today and will decide on the steps to take in protesting the latest rate revision by the company, according to Utusan Malaysia.

“If we go to the Grab Driver Centre to strike without discussing it first and when the question-and-answer time comes, we have no facts to back us up against the management. Because of that, we ask for some time so that we can gather information,” said GDMA vice-president Mohd Azril Ahmat.

Grab recently adjusted its fare system, lowering distance charges from 70 sen to 25 sen per km. This is balanced out by increasing time charges from 20 sen to 43 sen per minute. Grab said that its driver-partners stand to gain from the new rates as they would be paid higher during rush hours even for shorter distances, as cars are stuck in traffic jams.

The Utusan report said that Grab drivers are not satisfied and have claimed a 65% drop in earnings per km. It adds that the drivers insist that congestion is infrequent and mostly happens only in KL and Selangor.

Anyone else feel that Grab rides have gone up in price and are rather expensive these days, or is it just me?

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