Government announces another one-off RM500 relief for over 100,000 taxi, bus and e-hailing drivers –

Yesterday, prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced further relief measures under the Program Strategik Memperkasa Rakyat Dan Ekonomi Tambahan (Pemerkasa+) assistance package, which is worth RM40 billion.

Among the many relief measures listed, RM68 million has been allocated for those in working in the tourism and transportation industry. A one-off financial assistance of RM500 will be provided to 17,000 tour guides and over 100,000 drivers of taxis, school buses, tour buses, rental cars and e-hailing vehicles, with the aid being chanelled to registered recipients in July.

The latest measure adds to the government’s Perlindungan Ekonomi dan Rakyat Malaysia (Permai) assistance package announced in January, where a one-off assistance of RM500 was provided to those in the abovementioned industries. Prior to that, under the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) assistance programme, e-hailing drivers received a one-off RM500, while taxi and bus drivers received RM600.

The government has also allocated RM1 billion for the bus and taxi hire purchase rehabilitation scheme that is being launched this week, which entitles eligible bus and taxi operators to a loan moratorium of up to 12 months and an extended period of up to 36 months.

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