Got into an accident for the 1st time: Advice on insurance claim & FIR

I have questions and hopefully, anyone who has experienced similar situations (even if different state) can answer them.

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Hi guys,

I got into an accident yesterday (17th Oct) while driving back from a trip. A goods lorry drove on our side of the lane and scraped the right side of my car. Everyone was ok since the overall impact was not high. This is in my own state, Odisha, but another district, approx 3 hours drive from my place.

Fortunately, I had invested in a dashcam (thanks to the forums here) and so have the incident, the number plate, etc on video.

I have filed an FIR online (Odisha is cool in that) on advice from my uncle (a high court lawyer).

But I still have questions and hopefully, anyone who has experienced similar situations (even if different state) can add to them.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Doesn’t matter whose fault it is. The reason we pay insurance premiums is so that, we can get protection even if we caused the accident. Go ahead, claim the insurance and be happy. Glad all occupants were okay.

Here’s what BHPian JithinR had to say on the matter:

My personal opinion would be to hold onto the video. When a friend claimed insurance from HDFC Ergo he didn’t really have to provide anything other than filling out a form. If needed you can provide the video later too. My concern is simply that even though the video clearly shows the other vehicle encroaching onto your lane some surveyors would argue that you didn’t take any evasive action.

A lot depends on the quality of service provided by the service centre and the service advisor himself. You see SAs who don’t bother to even return your calls and others who will proactively update you on the status of the parts, job etc. See if you can find a good service centre and SA from known contacts.

You can contact the sales advisor and they might help you raise the claim. But most insurance policies have a clearly defined timeline within which you would have to call their service line and report the incident.

Don’t really have any specific advice since I have not claimed insurance myself. But I would remove any valuables/documents from the car. Especially the dashcam and its memory card in case the vehicle is going to spend a few days/weeks there.

Also, make sure that you have some sort of commitment from the SA on the ETA and make sure that you actively follow up on the progress including visiting the service centre in person to check up on the progress of the work done.

Since there seems to be damage to the door make sure to check if there is any issue with the locking mechanism, child lock, window up and down functions etc. in case the surveyor pushes to repair the panel instead of replacing it.

If you don’t have experience dealing with service centre folks in India then get a friend/family member to help you out.

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Unfortunately, I had already done this a few times ( once with my xuv300). However, I had outside insurance in all cases.

Bring it to the service centre as soon as possible and ask for a quote.

The next step is to notify the insurance company. I believe there is a deadline by which the insurance company must be notified. The SA himself will inform them if your service centre has a cashless tie-up with HDFC Ergo, else you have to notify them.

You are required to fill out a few forms (SA usually has claim forms from all the insurance companies with them). I’ve never filed a police report and have always repaired with my own insurance rather than using third-party coverage of another vehicle (Will lose NCB though). I have sent only the on-the-spot photos from my phone, which also includes the second colliding vehicle’s registration number (by email).

An insurance approver arrives at the following step and checks the quote with the damage that has been seen. Depending on the issue and the type of coverage you have, he may approve it entirely or only in part ( you have to pay a reminder in this case).

A job item is then created and the vehicle is repaired by SA. If you have a cashless tie-up, there isn’t much to do; if not, you must pay and submit your bill, a copy of your RC and DL, and a copy of your cheque to the insurance team for reimbursement.

Link to my mishap

Here’s what BHPian Nalin1 had to say on the matter:

Feel sorry for the hit. Hope you get this sorted out soon.

Why did you not steer at all to your left even one bit even as the tempo was getting too close? There was enough space there on the road or even off the road for a slight steer and then back on track. If you do not take evasive actions in such situations with thoughts like “I am in my lane, so I am right!. He is in the wrong lane so legally he is the culprit blah blah”, then you will have a permanent relationship with your insurance surveyor and service centre with a visit every few days.

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