Got a job on my 390 Adventure done at Htrz Modz, Bangalore: Experience

I went to the shop to get handlebar risers installed on my motorcycle & found their charges to be a bit steep.

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After a trail ride wherein I felt the need to slap on some raisers (or risers), I rode straight down to Htrz Modz, yesterday afternoon.

Called them before visiting, yet it took them a good while just to go fetch it and then prepare to fix it. Here are the observations I had, review of the Carbon Racing units (2 inchers) themselves will come later. Paid 2,750 bucks + 500 (fitting charge, what a joke).


  • Manager keeps a vigilant eye on the proceedings.
  • They do cover the tank and instrument cluster with a piece of leather and microfiber (although extremely dirty) before working on any bike.
  • Each customer’s bike is queued.
  • Seemingly decent job done, time will tell.


  • Customer interaction could be bettered, it isn’t up to the mark. Asked the chap working on my bike where the old handlebar mounts were, as he’d discarded them in some tray and almost with a smirk, said “I’ll give, wait”. If the workshop floor was more organized and simple matters like returning old parts was taken care of more fluidly, the customer would have less mental friction. They did tape up the stuff in a box and leave it on the bike when I went back to the main store (2 buildings away) to pay though, so that elicits kind of an Okay in my books.
  • Seating is limited, no helmet racks in the waiting area (which is a couple of feet away from the bikes being worked upon, which with all the blazing lights and sounds, is a poor cost-cutting measure). This leads to people using your gear as an armrest or buttrest.
  • Product and Installation charges are a bit steep. No discounts either.
  • The way some of the workers revved the bikes unnecessarily (as was the case with the brand new CB300R in the picture above who’d dropped in to get crash bars and fog lights fitted) was irritating and painful to watch. Do keep an active eye on them.

Overall, a decent place to visit to get stuff done. 7/10.

Attaching a picture from the trails

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