Germany could mandate 80% of fuel stations to install EV chargers

Germany is currently said to have 90,000 public EV chargers.

Amidst the rising market share of EVs, Germany is looking at ways to improve the charging infrastructure across the country. According to a media report, Germany could look at a legislative solution to tackle the problem, mandating service stations to install EV chargers.

During the IAA Munich Motor Show, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated, “Germany would be the first country in Europe to introduce a law requiring operators of 80% of all service stations to provide fast-charging options with at least 150 kilowatts for e-cars.” However, the chancellor did not provide a timeline for its introduction.

Germany is currently said to have 90,000 public EV chargers. The country plans to scale this number to 1 million by the end of the decade. In terms of vehicles, Germany currently has 1.2 million EVs on the road, which is expected to increase to 15 million by 2030. The country aims to achieve this number by having robust & readily available charging options.

Reports state that the move to introduce legislation indicates that Germany is serious about EV charging. Also, if the move does become successful, other countries could follow suit in quick succession.

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