G-Power propels BMW M3 Touring to 720hp…

…and wraps it Hulk green. Because of course it does

By Matt Bird / Friday, 2 June 2023 / Loading comments

As the combustion engine moves towards the light at the end of the tunnel, so it can feel like the glory days of modifying are behind us. Those tales of 1,000hp 2JZs and LS-swapped MX-5s might feel like ancient history, but there is hope for those who simply must have obscene, petrol-powered horsepower. And it comes in the form of BMW’s S58 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight six, the tuning potential of which seems what might best be called considerable. Just days after we tried Litchfield’s 700hp interpretation of it, now G-Power has presented this: an M3 Touring with 720hp.

This is crazy enough as it is. Lest we forget, 720hp is more than a Ferrari F8 Tributo, not far off a Pagani Huayra. It’s 300hp more than the V8-engined M3 from back in the day. Perhaps more remarkable, however, is that G-Power, like Litchfield, has been able to employ fairly minor modifications for a huge uplift in power. This demo car has been delimited, fitted with the company’s Performance Software GP-720, and its exhaust swapped something called a ‘Deeptone’ system, with new downpipes, hi flow cats and carbon tips. That’s it – for 210hp more than standard. Unsurprisingly, G-Power reckons the green giant can now crack 200mph, and it must surely slash a couple of tenths from the standard Touring’s 3.5-second dash to 62mph. Perhaps just as relevantly, it’s stated that ‘the whole package is harmonious, i.e. with good drivability and reliable durability’. Long live the S58, eh?

Lesser tunes are available, with 620hp available (matching Litchfield’s lineup to the horsepower) via the software, and then a middle 670hp option with a less lairy exhaust than full monty. Though it’s hard to imagine anyone plumping for an M3 Touring like this (even if the cosmetic stuff is all reversible) making do with any less than seven-twenty. G-Power’s mods include Hurricane RS forged wheels, upping the standard staggered setup by an inch to 20s at the front and 21s behind, a liberal smattering of carbon bits (including a bonnet that improves thermal management in the engine bay) and a few orange accents, as is G-Power tradition. Subtle, it is not, but then no M3 Touring is ever going to be. Not many 720hp cars are, either…

There isn’t a price yet for any of G-Power’s modifications – not even the wrap – but as proven by Litchfield, it needn’t be crazy expensive to get your M3 Touring even faster still. If you’re willing to forfeit the warranty, of course. But it seems like these S58s are built properly tough – imagine what could happen with bigger turbos…

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