Forum Friday: Cole is Captain CaveVan

We all love it when someone’s passion becomes their business, right? This week in Forum Friday, we highlight a person more than a car build. Why? Well in this lengthy thread there’s more than one vehicle involved. But all of them have three things in common: they’re all vans, they’re all Volkswagens, and they’re all built by Cole Ford.

Back in 2012, Cole, a.k.a. Xtremjeepn was searching for something for camping. While he was fortunate enough to live in Denver, CO, his neighborhood did not allow campers or “utility” vehicles (we’re guessing he means heavy-duty work trucks, not high-riding crossovers). So Cole started searching for a camper that didn’t look like a camper. A “stealth camper” if you will. He stumbled upon an early T4 Eurovan Westfalia that was badly damaged in an accident. It wasn’t salvageable, but Cole noticed the very slim pop-top that blended into the roof of the van. And his mind started thinking.

Just two weeks later he found a 2002 Eurovan in need of new timing chains. Both vans were cheap, and soon he owned both of them. And then the fun began. Over the next months, he removed the pop-top from the wrecked van, cut a GIANT HOLE in the roof of the running van, and installed it.

But he didn’t stop there. The van went through many iterations, and Cole came up with a bunch of nifty storage tricks for his van. Along the way, he and his wife raised a family too including one interior-destroying (but incredibly cute) puppy. And throughout the years, various Eurovans have come and gone

You’ll need to read the whole thread for all the details, but all his work lead him to start his own company for camper van conversions, And it looks like he’s built quite a nice community.

Take time to read through Cole’s entire thread. Drop him a kind word or two, or better yet, take a look at his site and maybe start searching for your own camper van project. Or just use his Amante Picante margarita recipe. I’m Cole could give you a ton of advice, he might go by Xtremjeepn in our forums, but we prefer to call him Captain CaveVan.

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