Ford patents retractable exhaust system to aid off-roading

The system can be operated even when the car is in motion.

Ford is said to have patented an innovative exhaust system, allowing the tip to either extend or retract depending on the need. This new electrically powered exhaust outlet has been designed with the aim of improving the vehicle’s off-roading capabilities by increasing the departure angle.

As per reports, the device consists of an exhaust tip, an exhaust pipe and a power-operated module. In regular driving conditions, the exhaust tips poke out from under the rear bumper. However, before off-roading, the exhaust tip can be retracted making the rear bumper the lowest hanging part of the vehicle. Reports also suggested that the system works even when the car is moving.

Having said that, there is no word on how the system would be integrated into the car. Ford could introduce a dedicated button on the central console, or integrate it on the infotainment system. The retractable operation could also be automated whenever the car is shifted to the off-road mode.

Ford is yet to officially comment on the patent filing. However, considering these are just patent images, there is no guarantee that the American carmaker will actually introduce the new system in its cars.

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