Ford leaving India: Do I keep or sell my 2018 Ford Freestyle

I do not want a situation where my car is kept in the service centre for lack of parts and also the possibility of spare parts prices increasing.

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Hello everyone,

I bought my Ford Freestyle Petrol T+ in December 2018, in the midnight surprise offer. I had a Tata Nano Twist XT before my Freestyle which I bought in 2014-Sep at Hyderabad and sold it in Bangalore, as I was moving back to Hyderabad as I had changed the number of the car to KA number – when I moved to Bangalore after doing 45k km.

I’ve enjoyed my Freestyle so far with the mix of performance, ride and the safety offers (only set of cars to offer 6 airbags and the host of safety features at its price point).

Now, with the news of Ford shutting down in India and also hearing some news of service centres closing down in some cities, I’m concerned about future service and availability of spares. I use my car daily (regular office times once normalcy returns) and during weekends for errands and family trips.

While Ford and their service centres have committed to providing service for the next ten years, I do not want a situation where my car is kept in the service centre for lack of parts and also the possibility of spare parts prices increasing.

Hence, with this concern I’ve been very confused if I should keep the car and see how the situation plays out or replace it with something similar or better.

Unfortunately, at this price point, there’s no other car offering the whole set of safety features including the six airbags.

On some research, I’ve found the below cars to be a good upgrade to this situation:

  • Tata Nexon
  • Tata Altroz
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser (looks better than the Brezza and Toyota ASS)
  • Maruti S-Cross

I need your suggestions on:


  • Petrol manual, somehow, wasn’t comfortable with an auto When I test drove my cousin’s car, also daily drive would be about 60 km once normalcy returns
  • Space to seat five people
  • Decent performance, can be NA or a turbo mill
  • Safety features, would prefer six airbags (not many options available) along with other features like ABS-EBD, Traction control, HA etc.
  • Good ride and handling, need that assurance and confidence while I drive
  • Touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options, fast charging USB ports
  • Cruise control

Well, all the above requirements were met by my Freestyle except cruise control

Thank you in advance!

Here’s what BHPian Mr.Boss had to say on the matter:

Freestyle mileage is missing, which is one more parameter to decide either to keep or sell.

When all your requirements are met with the current machine you have, I don’t suggest to move for something else for this one particular reason (sales operation winding up) Make your math, if you could convince yourself that making additional investment for a new car will meet break-even point w.r.t up-keeping the current car (even consider 200% maintenance cost), go ahead with new car purchase. Otherwise enjoy the current ride.

Here’s what BHPian AkMar had to say on the matter:

I feel it is too early & knee jerk reaction to sell the car right now. Unless you have done some crazy running like 1 lakh km or more, Chances of some uncommon/expensive part failure are very less as overall the Figo & Freestyle are quite reliable. All you will need are regular components like suspension, brake pads etc. I don’t foresee Ford ending service support right away. Like GTO said, they also have a reputation to maintain. Even if they do, there will be enough aftermarket parts available.

Also you seem to be quite satisfied with the car itself. My suggestion is to hold this car for at least a couple of years more, and then think of replacing it. Till then you will also get idea of how service support is.

Here’s what BHPian ishan12 had to say on the matter:

Why sell a car in haste that runs fine and satisfies all your requirements? I don’t see any issues in parts availability that you would need in general like filters, brake pads, suspension, clutch etc.

Also, it’s a simple car to work on and any good FNG will be able to source the parts and service your car, assuming the worst case scenario that Ford closes down all its service centers (Highly unlikely). And let’s not forget that Ford is no Datsun with handful of cars sold in recent years. They had their presence in India for more than 20 years. There are thousands of Fords running on our roads as on today. And almost all parts of cars like yours are locally manufactured and sourced, so I do not see any anything to worry about apart from minor inconveniences like some delays and a drastically reduced resale value.

Here’s what BHPian anb had to say on the matter:

Freestyle is excellent vehicle and selling it now doesn’t make any financial sense. Freestyle might fetch you around 6-7 lakhs now and you have to spend an additional 5 lakhs to get a decent replacement. You can use the Freestyle for 6-8 years and easily make up for the loss in resale value.

Here’s what BHPian Voodooblaster had to say on the matter:

Please don’t sell a very competent vehicle, as you will be taking a huge depreciation hit. This is in addition to the EMI load you may have to bear for a new car

When Chevrolet quit towards end of 2017, there was a huge distress sale, and many owners lost money.

After a year, the used Chevrolet price actually increased especially for Tavera and Beat diesel models.

The continued availability of parts, though at a slightly higher price re assured customers to an extent.

The price hike after BS4 also helped to shore up value of the older Tavera and Beat.

Govt is pushing for CAFE2/BS7 norms by 2024. Also it’s mulling higher blending of ethanol to petrol. This will of course need the engines to be redesigned. To further muddy the waters, govt is also considering phasing out ICE for EV

My humble advice, use the car for at least 5 more years, and switch to an EV.

If you still feel like getting a new car, don’t rush to sell. Wait patiently for a good offer and then sell.

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