Ford Fixes Pricing Glitches On 2021 Bronco Configurator

The website tool now features more accurate pricing and availability.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is possibly the most anticipated vehicle in recent history, and the company’s build-and-price tool is working overtime as virtual tire kickers spec out their ideal off-roaders. But those same configurator enthusiasts have noticed a few weird quirks, allowing Ford to rid the build-your-own feature of glitches.

As confirmed by Ford Product Communications Manager Mike Levine on Twitter, the company updated the website tool recently to fix some bugs and preliminary pricing errors. For example, the earlier version of the configurator made the 10-speed automatic transmission and certain 4×4 bits zero-cost options when selecting the Sasquatch Package. As reported by Ford Authority, that led to some confusing pricing on trim levels that come standard with the seven-speed manual, since the autobox is actually a $1,595 option. That has been corrected, although prices for such configurations will now – accurately – be higher.

The accessory lineup is still far below the 150-plus pieces we were promised when the Bronco debuted. Ford currently includes a few dozen accessory features in the configurator, including roof attachments for kayaks, gear baskets, cargo boxes, bicycles, awnings, and even a rooftop tent. More dealer-installed features could be added as the Bronco nears its first customer delivery.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen as soon as many of us might have hoped. As we reported earlier this month, a coronavirus-related supplier shortage means the slick new off-roader won’t arrive until summer 2021, with the manual Sasquatch put off until 2022 at the earliest. At the very least, prospective customers can now more accurately plan financing and leasing options thanks to the updated configurator, and the company is apologizing to current reservation holders with a $100 credit on those accessories.

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