Ford Endeavour replacement: A powerful SUV under Rs 30 lakh

Need an automatic SUV, which can handle broken roads, has good ground clearance & enough space for 5 to 7 passengers.

BHPian Acelerar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Currently, I own a Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium and as per the Company policy, I have to go for a new Car in February 2022. Endeavour 3.2 was a hoot to drive and if Ford had continued in India, I would have gone for the same! As it is no longer available, I am looking for the alternatives:

My requirements:

  • Car should be fun-to-drive, comfortable, powerful AT with good ground clearance. I will be the one driving it. Even though I do no off-roading, would like the car to handle broken roads with aplomb.
  • Needs to have a good resale value as I can keep the new car for 44 months only as per Company policy
  • It has to be spacious but can be a 5 or 7 seater in the range of 30 lakhs ex-showroom price. (I don’t have a requirement for 5+ passengers but don’t mind the 7 seater option)
  • Should be able to get the car in 2-3 months when I book it in March 2022.

Options in the reckoning:

Other options considered:

So folks what do you think might be the best option for me? Please let me know.

Here’s what BHPian akash_v12 had to say on the matter:

Is there any way that would allow you to continue with your Endeavour? I’ve just realised how overly good the Endeavour is and how difficult it is to replace it with anything before crossing the 50-60L bracket. If you can, it’s highly recommended from my side to continue with it. The Endeavour was a decently popular model which should make spares easily available in India and worldwide.

If you have to replace the Endeavour anyhow:

  • The Fortuner isn’t worth replacing it with. The ride is still bumpy as per most BHPians.
  • Tucson is a viable option. It’s a lot of car for a reasonable amount of money. We’ve got a facelift one in the society and it never looks out of place in this current crop of SUVs. I actually prefer this gen. over the next-gen car. I’m expecting discounts to be pretty large considering that the 4th gen is not too far away now.
  • The Compass, although very over-priced for what it is, is actually one of the few cars that actually has everything that you want and is still updated pretty recently.
  • Go for any of the Germans or get a Skoda Superb or Audi A4 (the prices are somewhat mouth-watering, would actually think about them if you can skip the off-roading part)

Here’s what BHPian lamborghini had to say on the matter:

As Akash pointed out, the Endeavour is a brilliant vehicle and finding an upgrade may not be as easy. If there is an option to retain the Endeavour and upgrade later with a higher budget: would be worth considering.

If that isn’t an option, the best bet is to look for sedan alternatives like the Superb / A4 or explore the Tucson / Tiguan.

From 4 years ago, the Tucson has updated interiors, added some equipment including AWD and panoramic sunroof, and also got a new 8-speed gearbox. Though not segment-leading, at the price point and overall package on offer: it’s a good buy.

Here’s what BHPian anandhsub had to say on the matter:

Why not the new Kodiaq? I assume 30 lakhs is not a hard limit given you have considered the Fortuner.

Compared to the others in the shortlist only Kodiaq would feel like a replacement or even an upgrade.

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