Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI diesel: 130000 km update

The Ford service experience has been fantastic so far over the years, and I will hope that it stays that way.

BHPian ABH_1512 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Service update:

Baahon recently completed the 1,30,000 kms mark and the service was done accordingly at the FASS (Ganges Ford) here in Calcutta. Some of the parts needed replacement after this long period of ownership and hence the service bill was on the higher side due to the parts change and the corresponding labour charges.

Parts changed:

  • Rear Shock Absorber (RH)
  • Engine Mount
  • Bar bush stabiliser
  • Steering Rack

The normal service included the following routine items and were duly changed as per schedule:

  • Engine Oil
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter

So, apart from the regular service and all the work involving the change of parts, the total cost came to around ₹ 33,000. In the case of the steering rack, the good folks at Ford and the dealer offered me a 30% discount as goodwill warranty and hence saving me some bucks in the process. The service experience has been fantastic so far over the years, and I will hope that it stays that way.

Now, the steering rack was changed since I was getting a constant sound while moving on uneven roads and it got amplified due to the recent North Sikkim sojourn.

Turned out, after the trip, the right side shock absorber also went kaput since coming out of the factory and had to be changed and so was the engine mount. Now, after the change of parts, the car just feels like new again and I am now very inclined to give it an inside makeover as I might have mentioned earlier as well. No fixed timeline though, since the interiors doesn’t need much fixing. May be, changing the seat covers will give the car a fresh look.

Some pictures of recent times, just to get some attention:

The present odometer reading stands at 1,30,530 kms and Baahon is chugging along nicely.

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