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Reports of flash floods in Johor have emerged following rainfall in the southern state, with social media posts showing floods along Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang towards the Seri Alam exit, Kampung Kurnia, Kampung Ubi as well as along Jalan Masai Lama.

Video footage and still images posted to the Community Roda Johor Facebook page show these affected areas, and the affected stretch of Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang was reported to have been flooded from 1pm today, in both directions.

Floods have also been reported to have affected Jalan Kempas from Jalan Halimah, along the exit to Jalan Kobena towards JB that is from Jalan Perling, along with the aforementioned areas of Kampung Ubi, Kampung Kurnia and Jalan Masai Lama. Last week, flash floods also occurred in Perak and Kuala Lumpur, as well as in Melaka.

At any time when floods could be imminent, especially at this time of the year, check your surroundings, place your vehicle in a safer location, and delay your travels where possible to minimise the risk of getting caught in floods. As a further safeguard in the event that getting your vehicle stuck in a flood becomes inevitable, ensure that you have Special Perils insurance coverage for your vehicle, which is an optional add-on.

Opting in will cost a extra sum of money, however this is relatively minor compared to your vehicle’s insured value and may prove to be crucial in your financial protection should your vehicle sustain flood damage. If you do without, you may be left to foot a hefty repair bill.

#jbtu JOHOR: Flash floods reported on Jalan Masai Lama

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