First highway ride on my restored Bullet 350 CI after an engine seizure

Covering 180 km on the resurrected Royal Enfield definitely boosted my confidence in the motorcycle.

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Finally headed out on the highway on the beauty. Did a solo 180 km roundtrip BLR-Mulbagal-BLR (Ok I admit that I had decided to do a 100km round trip while in the trial phase after the restore, but just couldn’t resist!). This boosts my confidence in the machine that at a slower pace she will do the distance. So will get her new shoes next week – Michelin Siracs 3.25 X 19 in front and 3.5 X 19 rear.

Started off at ~5.30 am and with ample stops here and there returned home by 10 am. This was my first highway ride after the engine seizure incident in 2014. So intentionally I kept the bike @70-75 kph so as not to give it a heart attack after so many years. Near Mulbagal I took a random left through some village roads which spit me out on the highway again after 10-15 km.

Just before Mulbagal, I encountered dense fog with mist forming and a faulty speedometer the needle getting stuck at a fixed value even when the engine is off or the speed is higher than what is indicated (the odometer was working fine though, suspecting an issue with the magnet/electrical component of the speedometer due to encountering wet mist?). Due to this I just made a U-turn as I suspected some sort of electrical issues, and didn’t want to take a risk in dense fog with electrical issues.

Notable observations

  • Bike engine is stable at 70-75 kmph, at 80 kmph it is not giving much confidence (maybe psychologically due to the history of an engine seizure), either way, I don’t need that extra 10 kmph for now. So will have to wait for longer rides ~500 km till I plan my second bike (KTM 390 Adv/Himalayan 450/Interceptor 650), the CI is good to do 350 – 400 km trips for now.
  • Rynox gears are excellent, tested the storm evo 3 gloves and the advento pants (only grouch with the pants is that my knee will get bruised on longer ride days).
  • Neck pain mostly due to the lack of riding longer, also as my exercise routine is suffering due to some issues in my feet so basically a wake-up call for restarting at least non-running exercises.
  • Stopping for food needs to be planned with visibility (not an issue with cars). Carried all tools and puncture repair kit, tyre irons, air pump etc, so taking a break where I can’t see the bike was not possible so skipped any breakfast. Didn’t want to overload on sugar in CCD outlets today.
  • Stuck to the left lane in contrast to middle/right lane driving when in the car. This was a new realization as previously I didn’t drive when I used to ride. This was an interesting observation as I was rarely irritated by any trucks (all were in the right lane), but yes had to put constant vigil for fast cars on the left, a role reversal of sorts.

Enough talk now the pics Btw I really like the cockpit view in my photos so pardon me for that.

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