FF plate JPJ eBid results: RM34mil total, highest ever; FF8 most expensive at RM950k, FF9 RM912k – paultan.org

The FF number plate series in Malaysia has been very well received, and the series has collected a total of RM34.2 million, making the FF number plate run the series that has yielded the highest collection since the launch of JPJ eBid, according to transport minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

Topping the lot is FF8, which collected the highest price at RM950,000, followed by FF9 at RM911,999, while third was FF3 at RM639,000. Meanwhile, in fourth place is FF2 at RM638,000, followed by FF7 in fifth place at RM633,000.

The reception towards the FF number plate series, in terms of numbers, saw 34,032 bidders in total for the series, of which 8,348 bidders won their bid, which means that from the 9,999 available numbers, 8,348 numbers from this series were bid upon.

In terms of popularity, the FF199 number plate received the most interest with 34 bidders, followed by FF51 with 32 bidders. There are three number plates from this series – FF155, FF555 and FF1688 – tied at third, with 29 bidders each.

The Putrajaya number plate series opened for tender on May 14, and the JPJ had announced a 24-hour extension on bidding to 10pm on May 19, subsequent to its original deadline on May 18.

According to the road transport department, the extension given was due to service disruption at the time, which led to complaints from the public due to the JPJ eBid’s system instability towards the end of the bidding period due to high traffic.


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