Fearless & casual behaviour of wrong-side motorists has crossed limits

Neither do they fear for their lives nor care for the presence of cops.

BHPian paragsachania recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We are now a city where we have wrong-side riders and drivers who strictly follow rules:

  • They use their indicators diligently when entering into a lane on their right when riding/driving on the wrong side.
  • School buses are even more careful and they turn on their headlights along with Hazards when driven in the wrong way.
  • Anyone who is on the wrong way ensures to alert pedestrians and other road users of their presence by honking.
  • If there are fruit and vegetable carts occupying the first lane, the wrong side drivers/riders go the extra mile and turn on their left indicator, move to the middle/second lane and get back to the first lane. This act of theirs ensures the traffic that is heading in the right direction gets enough time to make way for them by either slowing down or moving to the right lane(s).
  • Last but not the least, they are pillars of our economy. They all are contributing endlessly towards the reduction of dependency on fossil fuel and electricity by conserving whatever best they can by taking the wrong side.
  • The productivity and efficiency percentage has also seen a marginal increase due to impeccable time management skills these wrong siders have shown and is now being benchmarked too so that every day we have many more who can follow their footsteps and do their bit too.

Hence, over the years the respect for these law-abiding wrong siders has increased multifold!

Sadly, this is the reality – The casual behavior of these erring motorists has gone out of limits. They don’t fear for their lives nor care for the presence of cops as well. Even parents with their kids heading to school do this, setting a dangerous example for the future generation.

Over the last few months alone, I have written to newspapers with images where they take up such civic issues with the concerned agencies and even visited the Traffic Police station with a written letter pleading them to take action on these motorists, along with Dashcam proofs of how they even get abusive. But nothing has happened and my hopes have faded.

Few years back, Bangalore’s primary issue with traffic was not this (wrong-side driving) but today this certainly is and cops are turning a blind eye despite this happening in their very presence. I wish BTP like the way they dedicate a day or a week for a purpose should target only wrong-side motorists and penalize them on the spot.

And this is a video that I showed the cops at the Police station where you can clearly see how casually our dear biker friend takes on the wrong side only to expect me to lay a green carpet for him to make way!

And this is another view where the single reason for traffic crawling is because few of them chose to take the wrong side.

And specimens like these are an everyday affair. Fast bikes, rushing to their destination, no license plates and ABUSIVE!

Sorry for the sarcasm and rant but since this incident is due to wrong-side riding, I couldn’t help but vent it out here!

Here’s what BHPian NPV had to say about the matter:

Wrong side driving and riding have reached pandemic proportions in Bangalore and the cops are truly unconcerned and turning a blind eye while they continue to look for the helmet and seat belt violations (and masks during Covid times) as easy prey to meet targets while these dangerous guys continue with their menace unhindered.

I was just hoping that Mr MA Saleem who has taken over the charge of Bangalore traffic and has been given a single-point agenda to ease the traffic mess in Bangalore will soon do something. He has already put in several measures and some of them are really working well, you can now see several traffic cops in the mornings and trucks are not being allowed inside the city during peak hours, etc.

By the way, I’m wondering why the constables of Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) have transformed into Bangalore Traffic Photographers, that’s all they seem to be doing.

Here’s what BHPian anandhsub had to say about the matter:

Not just the headlight. Even the high beam, even at noon to claim their “right of way”.

Here’s what BHPian ninjatalli had to say about the matter:

Sometimes there’s retribution too. Today saw an Activa and a bike speeding ahead by going on the wrong side (while we were all stuck in a slow-moving line). Seeing a vehicle coming towards them and also a big pothole in front, both accelerated & veered towards the footpath and collided. The guy on the Activa fell in the pothole while the guy on the bike did a small jump over the footpath and somehow was able to get his vehicle to a stop.

By then my line started moving and I moved on; I could see all 3 bickering & accusing each other in the rearview mirror. Need to go home and download the dashcam video.

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