Fastest Mini In The World Race celebrates… guess

The biggest grid in a decade and up to 800hp – there's a big weekend of Mini racing coming up soon

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, August 3, 2021 / Loading comments

There really is nothing quite like watching Mini racing. Whether its chasing down Mustangs at Goodwood or scrapping among themselves in a Se7en race, motorsport really doesn’t get much better than when Minis are involved.

The Brands Hatch Mini Festival, taking place over the weekend of 21st/22nd August, promises all manner of Mini mayhem, but there’s one event scheduled that looks even more intriguing than most. It’s called, quite simply, the Fastest Mini in the World Race. And it rather does what it says on the tin…

Set to have its largest grid in a decade, the Castrol Classic Oils Fastest Mini in the World Race – good job that doesn’t have to be on every car – will feature some truly wild Minis. The line-up will be split across four classes, depending on engine – the A Series units of different sizes will take the majority, although it isn’t the only powertrain on the grid – and aerodynamic tweaks. The most exciting class will be the Class A Minis, with no engine restrictions and any aero addition permitted. That’ll feature cars like Bill Richards’ Duratec engined spaceframe car, and the infamous Mini Quattro of Chris Slade. And Quattro doesn’t just mean four-wheel drive – it has a 2.5-litre five-cylinder, too, making 800hp…

Peter Baldwin, the racer who competed in the first Fastest Mini in the World Race back in 1994, said: “It’s a fantastic race that can draw upon a great pedigree of cars and racing drivers. I’m delighted to see such a grid. It’s a treat for everyone to watch and brings back some brilliant memories.” So if you like Minis, there’s one place to be on August 21st/22nd. The best Mini event… in the world.

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