Experience: Bought a used Fortuner from Delhi & registered it in Kerala

He always wanted a Fortuner but used cars down south demand unrealistic prices.

BHPian jonesanto recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

With NCR banning 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol cars, they find their way to neighbouring states and get re-registered there. Though everybody would like to get a “too good to be true” deal, most try to stay away from NCR cars. A few reasons are, most vehicles are meter tampered with. Unless completely maintained by the company no way of knowing the history of the vehicle. Getting it registered in your state could be an issue at times and the list goes on and on. Yet few are ready to take the risk when it comes to Luxury cars and highly popular cars like Innova and Fortuner.

Sharing an experience of a known acquaintance who went to Delhi to get a used Fortuner. He always wanted a Fortuner but used cars down south demand unrealistic prices. One of the auto consultants in town was going to Delhi to get a few Innovas, first, they get the order and then go to Delhi to check the cars. The thing is, there is no 100% guarantee they will get the cars they are looking for, even though confirmed with agents in Delhi that the cars are available, once you reach there and check the cars themselves, there could be issues and so on.

This is what my friend did: Book a one-way flight ticket to Delhi for three days. Reach Delhi, look for cars for two days, too many options available, finally zero in on a couple of vehicles, get a mechanic check and full showroom service history check. All are satisfactory, send the car to Bangalore via road. From there drive to Kerala.

Let me break down the expenses.

  • Flight ticket and stay in Delhi (including food and other expenses) > 16K
  • Fortuner 2013 AT > 5.75 lakh
  • Ship to Bangalore > 35K
  • Delhi Bangalore flight > 6K
  • Bangalore to Kerala drive > 8K
  • Paying tax and registering in Kerala including KL number > 160K

Total: Rs 8,00,000 lakh

Of course, there could be miscellaneous expenses.

Should also consider the fact you are going there yourself taking your time off and there is no guarantee you will get a clean car, is it worth the risk? And for people who do it for business, it’s just a whole other story.

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