EV owners share experiences of using EV chargers on petrol pumps

I keep an eye out on the availability and uptime of the ones that I frequent on their respective apps, this helps in avoiding non functional ones.

BHPian iamitp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

EV owners, how many of you have used EV chargers at petrol pumps? How has the experience been?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

It’s not the fuel, it’s the real estate. That’s the real strength of petrol pumps in India, along with their expansive networks. It’s not a question of “if” – it’s a question of “when” they will become a mainstream option for charging.

Petrol pumps are actually “fuel” pumps. They will sell, whatever fuel sells. Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG, Hydrogen or whatever. And trust me when I say this, fast charging EVs at public spots will be as expensive (or more expensive) than filling up petrol. The margins on charging EVs will eventually become better than the pennies they make on petrol / diesel sales.

Eager to hear of BHPian experiences.

Here’s wht BHPian speedmiester had to say on the matter:

I have used Jio BP fast chargers and BPCL ones regularly. Have not faced any issues so far. I keep an eye out on the availability and uptime of the ones that I frequent on their respective apps, this helps in avoiding non functional ones.

Here’s what BHPian Sandegov had to say on the matter:

Shell is doing it way better here in Bangalore than any other traditional players:

  • Chargers are prominently located and very neat looking setup
  • Dedicated bays
  • Trained staff for any help
  • Havent seen any chargers down yet
  • Full functional cafe with a staff for quick bite (hot and cold items)
  • Well stocked store with food items and most of the car care products from 3M, Sonax etc.

Top notch service. Had the staff come over with menu and coffee/snacks delivered to car.

All pics taken with due permission.

I would visit Shell without a second thought.

Here’s what BHPian sharathkamath04 had to say on the matter:

I have used Shell. JioBP and BPCL chargers in the one-year EV ownership:

  • Shell is mostly located inside the city (or just outside) so useful only for emergencies. They have a shop + washrooms.
  • JioBP mostly used it at Mall/Hotel.
  • BPCL – Used it once on Mys-BGL h/w. Had a food joint attached so was pleasant experience.

In general, adding EV charging station these fuel stations will hopefully become a common concept soon and we also get to see fuel stations becoming a pit-stop in true sense with toilets, and eateries being served along with FUEL.

Here’s what BHPian lina had to say on the matter:

Have used the shell pumps when they came in as they had a promotion running selling 1kWh at just ₹1. The shell charger in Yesvantpur is the fastest Ive charged at on my ZS EV – 74kW. But otherwise there is no reason to use this as all their chargers are in the city.

Used few other times when no other option was available. For example, at the Sullurpete IOCL pump, I recharged at the TATA charger for about 20 min before heading back to Tirupati.

On almost all other trips, I prefer stopping at highway plazas where there is a good restaurant attached. But at some places there is no option. The Jio-BP charger in Ranebennur is one which is a fast (60kW) charger in a good location. However there is no good restaurant attached and I prefer avoiding this. Though, sometimes it is unavoidable as this stretch is not the greatest when it comes to reliable chargers.

The other factor is, apart from Shell, all other chargers at pumps are terrible. BPCL is the worst, followed by Tata at IOCL. They are all unreliable and slow (max of 30kW). Any EV driver in the South will do her/his best to avoid Tata and BPCL chargers.

We need more players to think like Zeon and to an extent Relux. Both these providers have good chargers at good locations on the highway that have well-maintained facilities. Infact, if you are an ICE driver, I highly recommend installing these apps to know the best highway stops in south india.

Chargers at petrol pumps are honestly pointless without good attached facilities like a restaurant and good bathrooms.

Here’s what BHPian Thilak29 had to say on the matter:

I have used following:

Jio BP in a mall and the experience was smooth.

Shell recharge, a couple of times and it was good except for the super heavy gun/cable combo.

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