Electric vehicles not able to attract women buyers, new study

Women car buyers are said to be more anxious about range and safety than men.

As per a new study, electric vehicle manufacturers in the USA are struggling to bring in more female buyers. The report shows that while the industry average for women car buyers is 41.2%, the average for vehicles with an electric powertrain is just 28%.

Among the top electric vehicle manufacturers in the USA, Tesla is the only EV brand faring well, with women buyers consisting of 33.1%. Other brands like Polestar, Lucid and Rivian seem to be struggling to maintain gender balance, with women buyers accounting for just 24.7%, 19.5% and 14.5%, respectively.

S&P Global Mobility’s Chief Diversity Officer, Marc Bland, mentioned that the data gathered in the study is a cause for concern. He notes that women car buyers are more anxious about range and safety than men. Bland further added that EV brands will have to do a “lot more educating” in this aspect. He further mentioned that with more brands aiming for a zero-emissions range in the coming years, mainstream carmakers like Ford, GM & Volkswagen will need to come up with efficient ways to sustain their current gender diversity into the EV era.

However, the report also mentions that at this stage it is unclear if automakers have already begun addressing the gender demographics or not.

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