Electric vehicle sales in India during FY 2020-21

A total of 2,36,802 electric vehicles were sold in India in FY2020-21.

According to the data released by the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle (SMEV), the Indian EV industry witnessed decent growth in FY2020-21. A total of 2,36,802 electric vehicles were sold during this period. These included electric 2-wheelers (E2W), 3-wheelers (E3W) and 4-wheelers (E4W).

In the E2W segment, the industry registered sales of 1,43,837 units, which include 40,836 high-speed and 1,03,000 low-speed E2W. The sales of E2Ws declined by 6% in FY2021 compared to the previous fiscal. 1,52,000 units were sold in FY2020. 

The E3W segment registered sales of 88,378 units compared to 1,40, 683 units in FY2020. The data doesn’t include E3Ws that are not registered with the transport authority. 

4,588 electric 4-wheelers were sold in FY2021 compared to 3,000 units in FY2020.

SMEV was expecting good growth before the start of FY2021, but sales remained stagnant due to various reasons. However, The city-speed and high-speed categories in the 2-wheeler segment have witnessed growth. People have also started moving towards advanced batteries like lithium-ion batteries. 

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