Droom Introduces Corona Shield Virus Treatment For Vehicles

Droom is an online automobile transactional marketplace and it has launched ‘Droom Health’ initiative. The company claims to offer an ‘anti-microbial surface protection treatment’ called Corona Shield for two-wheelers and four-wheelers and claims that it can be effective against droplet-based virus for up to four months. This treatment has been proven to be effective against SARS virus as well. The Corona Shield treatment inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, yeast, mold and virus in automobiles. The treatment uses AEGIS microbe shield technology that bonds with the surface of the vehicle and creates a durable and effective layer of protection. There is a 99.99 per cent microbial reduction rate. Once done, the treatment will be effective for up to four months provided that the automobile in question does not undergo high pressure washing.

Akshay Singh, VP, Enterprise & Strategy at Droom said, “The accumulation of bacteria on frequently touched surfaces is the key to the transmission of any infection. COVID-19 or the coronavirus can live on a solid surface for up to 4 days, while other viruses can live up to 9 days. So, after 14 days of quarantine, when people are ready to step out of their houses, it is important to ensure that there is no virus left alive in their personal vehicles. The introductory prices for the Corona Shield are mentioned below

Corona Shield Treatment Prices

The technology can sanitise the cars to control the growth of microorganisms that can potentially transfer from surface-to-surface. Presently, Droom is starting this service in Delhi and based on the response, the company could expand its reach to other cities and states.  

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