DIY: Removing the fairing on a TVS Apache RR310

My RR 310’s brake switch got damaged, air filter needed replacement and oil change was due as well, so I needed to remove the entire right side fairing of my bike.

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My RR 310 brake switch got damaged , air filter needed replacement and oil change was due as well, so now that I needed to remove the entire right side fairing of my bike, I thought this might be the perfect time to do a Fairing removal tutorial for everyone’s benefit.

I have also done a vlog on it as usual and those who want to watch that can watch it here.

Now let’s get to the Tutorial shall we.

Tools required

  • Allen Key ( available in the toolkit itself )
  • Star Screw Driver
  • Flat Screw Driver
  • 10mm Socket Wrench

STEP 1: Remove the 4 screws with the help of your Allen key as shown in the pic below. Screw # 2 will be longer than the other screws, so just keep that in mind while fitting everything back.

After removing the screws, slide the 1st panel towards your right and lift it upwards gently.

Do the same thing to the second black panel as well. For some of you this panel might not move forward as there is a rubber strip that sits between this panel and the front visor. You need to wiggle free the rubber strip so that the second panel can move forward freely.

STEP 2 : Once you remove both the black panels, just under it, there will be 2 star screws which need to be removed as well.

STEP 3 : With the help of the allen key, remove 4 screws from the radiator guard. Then lift out the guard gently.

STEP 4 : Remove the black plastic screw and a 10mm bolt on the grey panel as shown in the pic.

STEP 5 : Remove the 3 screws as shown in pic. Please note screw 3 is longer than the other 2 screws.

STEP 6 : Remove the plastic belly pan. It has 2 black plastic screws on either side , 2 x 10mm bolts (under body pan ) and 2 x plastic pull tabs (under body pan ) which needs to be removed.

The pull tabs can be removed with the help of a flat head screw driver. It’s located near the radiator guard opening below the belly pan. There are chances that this could break. So it’s better you buy these screws and keep it handy.

STEP 7 : Once the belly pan is removed, the 10 mm bolt holding the bottom portion of the fairing will get exposed. You need to remove this bolt as well.

STEP 7 : Remove the final screw under the headlight area. There will be 2 screws, one directly under the headlight housing, don’t remove this.

There is another screw next to it and close to the fairing, remove only this screw.

STEP 8 : Remove the fairing. There is lock in front panel as show in pic below and a lock on the grey panel as well. Just slide it slowly in front and it should release itself.

Be very gentle because the fairing’s indicator wire is still connected. You need to unplug it before removing the fairing completely. So be careful with this step.

and that’s it folks. Fairing is completely out. Fairly simple.

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