DIY: Installed a Volkswagen Polo’s rear wiper on my Skoda Kushaq

I also had the option of using a Vitara Brezza’s rear wiper, but went with the Polo’s unit instead.

BHPian DocHudson recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

DIY: Replacing the rear wiper of my Kushaq

The rear wiper of the Kushaq has always bugged me. It is an eyesore and just looks ugly. I have seen cars way cheaper than kushaq with proper frameless wipers.

Ever since I read BHPian @Atharva14’s thread on how he replaced the rear wiper of his Taigun with that of a Polo, I have wanted to do the same.
The only thing I was concerned about was that it was not an exact replacement, you would have to do some adjustments to make it work.

I continued my search and found the below video where brezza’s wiper is used to replace the wiper of another Taigun and is a direct replacement. You can also refer this video for the process of how to change the arm of the wiper.

I know it’s just aesthetics but I liked the design of polo’s rear wiper more than Brezza, it just looks more premium. So I went ahead and ordered the arm and blade for polo from amazon.

I had to go to my local mechanic to get that pulling bearer mentioned in the video.

The tricky part that @Atharva14 mentioned was the size of the blade, it’s an inch bigger and gets stuck under the spoiler.

All I did was pushed the lock of the blade a few cms towards right and voila!, the wiper works without any problems whatsoever. I didn’t have to use any adhesive, you just press the two beads on the lock of the blade, move towards right and release them and it locks itself.

I apologize as I don’t have any photos of the whole process but I will attach the before and after photo.

You can checkout this link for Taigun’s wiper replacement. Thanks to BHPian @Atharva14 for his precise explanation.

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