Disappointing buying experience makes me cancel my Grand Vitara booking

For me it didn’t make sense to pay an additional 60,000/- and bring home accessories that I didn’t need in the first place.

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We all have been through situations where you look forward to something, you count the number of days, you dream about what you would be doing when you get there, how you treat the situation, .. etc etc. and in the end it just didn’t happen and it all becomes a huge disappointment.

Well something like that is what has happened to my Grand Vitara booking!

June ‘22:

I had to sell my much beloved global Fiesta DCT.

July ‘22:

After much slicing and dicing, the Grand Vitara seemed like an option and I booked the car on the very first day. After that it’s been a long wait game with Maruti / Toyota taking their sweet time with announcing price, getting demo car, getting TD car . Each of those delays were a test of patience.

September ‘22:

Eventually, the price was announced and having booked the Hybrid, I was disappointed with the 50k premium on ex-showroom ( which will turn out to be 65K difference OTR ). Along with this came the offer of extended warranty and accessory. Which equates to a value of 67K (33k for EW, 34 for accessory). Now, I was not happy with the arrangement . 33K for EW, (Toyota comes with 3 years warranty by default and you need to pay just 20K for similar warranty with more coverage on mileage).

That was still fine, but the accessory pack, at least 20 – 25k worth of those accessories, was something that I didn’t need in the first place.Why should I take those interior styling kits and exterior chrome bits if I’m not going to use them ? So I did talk to SA and I was told that I could replace those accessories with something I would like to have. For instance, roof rails, which I could use when compared to something like interior styling kits. SA said it’s not a problem and they can do that when I take the delivery.

November ‘22:

Fast forward, the car arrived and I went for PDI. SA wasn’t there and his manager handled us on that day. All was going fine and I talked about accessories and from there everything was going bad. His manager clearly said on the face that it’s not possible and they can’t do anything. When asked about the promise by SA he said it’s because SA is not aware of this.

After a lengthy discussion I was told it’s decided by the accessory team and they will get back after discussing with them. Waited 24 hrs and no one called back. Up until that point dealership was following up the balance payment, bank details and all that but once this discussion was over, absolute silence!

The response was more like, “This is what we have, take it or leave it”.

For me it didn’t make sense to pay an additional 60,000/- and bring home accessories that I didn’t need in the first place. Nor did I have the time to put those on OLX and get money so that i could spend it on things i want. So I went ahead and canceled the booking. I also did raise a complaint with Nexa and the only good part that happened with raising complaining was a quick refund of the whole 1,11,000/- .

To sum it up, my disappointment is two part:

  • Disappointed with Maruti. Felt like they just wanted to pretend as if they were giving benefits.
  • Disappointed with the dealer on how they handled this. They were at fault for passing on wrong information and they won’t take responsibility for it. So I’m the only one at loss here. Lost my time waiting for something which I wouldn’t have waited for in the first place if the price difference is not justified.

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