Different types of scale models

Many of us love collecting scale models and we have a thread on the same. I collect 1:18 scale models and all my models so far are diecast models.

Scale models are built using various materials like diecast models and resin.

Diecast models

The primary material used for manufacturing scale models. Molten zinc is usually used as the metal, which is cast into shape. Plastic and rubber are used to add detail to the model. Diecast is the preferred method for low-cost mass-market model car makers. However, deficiencies in the manufacturing process mean that the scale and design may not be accurate. Scale model makers like Maisto use Diecast metal.

Resin models

To counter the drawbacks of diecast models, including inaccuracies, high-end car models makers use Resin to make the body of the car. The models are much more accurate, but are brittle and can break easily. Resin models can be made with minimal tooling investment, but the manufacturing cost is higher, making the models more expensive. Resin models are much more exclusive as well and can be made according to certain specs. Scale model makers like GT Spirit and BBR use Resin.

Composite models

Some model makers like AUTOart have started using injection-molded ABS composite parts. These models are more accurate than diecast models but tend to flex and deform under twisting or compression.

Sealed models

While many diecast cars come with doors that can open, a majority of resin models are sealed, which means you cannot open the doors. Since resin models are fragile, it becomes difficult for manufacturers to add the hinges. To compensate for this, the models are usually highly detailed and more accurate.

Opening models

I would always prefer car models which have opening doors. It allows us to take a look inside and what’s under the hood. Photography is also fun with models which have unique features like the scissor doors on Lamborghinis.

Do you have a favourite among any of these?

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