Delhi metro, bus rides to be free for women

The Delhi government has proposed a scheme to make all Delhi Metro and DTC bus rides free for women.

The government is expected to come up with a detailed proposal for the scheme in one week. It could be implemented in the next 2-3 months. The transport minister is said to have already taken meetings to discuss the implementations of the scheme. The Transport Department believes that it will be challenging to implement the scheme in the Delhi Metro.

Under the proposed scheme, all women could travel free of cost on the metro and the bus. However, the subsidy will not be imposed on anyone and those who can afford to pay for the tickets can pay.

The government claims that by giving access to free rides, women can travel by modes of transport that they might not have taken due to the high prices and that it would also make travel safer for them. All costs under the proposed scheme are expected to be borne by the Delhi government.

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