Custom Ford Broncos Set to Stampede at the SEMA Show

It might be hard to believe, but the SEMA Show is just around the corner. The wild trade super-show is as much of a showcase for aftermarket parts as it is for how those aftermarket parts look. This is also a great opportunity for automakers themselves to show off how well their vehicles can be accessorized by both the independent aftermarket and their own accessory catalogs.

With off-road culture more popular than ever, it only makes sense for Ford to unleash a stampede of custom Broncos and Bronco Sports on the SEMA show floor. Split between four Broncos and two Bronco Sports, Ford will show off just how custom you can make these new machines.

Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR Vehicles isn’t only churning out custom Mustangs and drift cars for T-Pain. This 2021 Bronco Fun-Runner is based on a Ford Bronco Badlands but is complemented by an array of Ford and RTR parts. Not focused on being a hardcore off-roader, this Bronco features a Ford licensed soundbar, a new exhaust, and a new intake system. Of course, you can’t have a custom Bronco and leave its suspension alone, underneath this Bronco is a set of long-travel Fox Performance coilovers that lift the Bronco enough to fit 37-inch tall tires.

This BDS-built Ford Bronco might set a trend with custom Bronco builds. Based on a two-door Black Diamond, this Bronco looks like it would be right at home at your local off-road trail or the local fire station. This build rides on a BDS 4-inch UCA (upper control arm) system, a set of Fox 2.5 coilovers, and BDS adjustable rear control arms. This suspension controls 37-inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires. If you peek underneath, you’ll also spot sway bar disconnects to eke out even more articulation.

CrawlTek Revolution bumpers replace the stock units and feature recovery hooks and a recessed winch mount. The winches, for those curious, are Warn Zeon 10s. The coolest modification, however, has to be the modified half-hard top that turns this truck into an impromptu pickup.

Oversized tires are good, but no tires are better. At least, that’s the approach Tucci Hot Rods takes with this customized 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands four-door. While most custom Ford Broncos will ride on upsized tires, this Tucci Hot Rods build uses Mattracks 88-Series quad tracks to shuffle down the road. This Bronco also features a snowboard rack and a Yakima LockNLoad platform roof rack. This means that this Bronco could be the ultimate ski resort machine.

This might be the mildest of the Broncos rolling into the SEMA show, but it also will probably set the formula for similar Bronco builds. Based on a four-door Bronco Badlands, this off-roader only really shows off its Baja Forged bumpers, fender flares, and aftermarket rolling stock. This Bronco also sports an Icon Vehicle Dynamics 3.0 suspension lift, which further removes it from the stock-looking Bronco. That said, the subtle exterior modifications are forgotten when you step inside. This Bronco has an onboard refrigerator, a JBL soundbar, and an aftermarket cargo organizer.

The Bronco Sport also gets the Baja Forged treatment by LGE-CTS Motorsport. Unlike its Bronco big brother, the team at LGE-CTS Motorsports went flashier with the Bronco Sport. This Bronco Sport features a 2-inch lift, roof-mounted lights, and Baja Forged front and rear bumpers. This crossover also has a set of rocker-protecting rock slides and a Borla cat-back exhaust.

The last of Ford’s Bronco stampede is another Bronco Sport. While this is just a rendering, the finished product will use a Ford Bronco Sport Badlands as a base. The team at CGS Performance Products is throwing on a set of seat covers and adding a rear-seat vault. This relatively mild custom treatment also touches the exterior with a set of fender flares, Reserve Forged wheels, and Toyo Tires. This Bronco Sport also will run a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust.

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