Crashed my VW Polo | Want to restore dashboard without airbag

The lower variants were without airbags, however their parts apparently don’t fit as per SA.

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Recently met with an accident that led to the airbags getting deployed and an estimate of Rs. 3L which was called out for a total loss (2.3L). Decided against it as I wanted to keep the car and went ahead with repairs without airbags.

Everything is now fixed, however my dashboard is in a bad shape and those parts apparently cannot be procured without an airbag. The lower variants were without airbags, however their parts apparently don’t fit as per SA.

What are my repair options in Bangalore or Mumbai? Please help.

Attaching a picture of the dashboard. I have kept this car in a very good condition and hoping to do so in the future.

Here’s what BHPian sameerpatel90 had to say on the matter:

Hope everyone present in the car are safe.

Firstly, your idea of cost savings is good but there are certain things we need to understand with regards to the age of the vehicle, sourcing parts from other Asian countries to get the car repaired with a well facilitated FNG where the right tools are available to repair chassis and configuration of electronic components can be performed.

My apprehension with degrading the dashboard, there are certain aspects we must understand such as, the whole SRS (supplemental restraint system components – airbag module, airbags, seat-belts, impact sensors) must be replaced along with BCM. Programming/configuration of both the ECM & BCM to a non airbag specifications is complicated and cannot be programmed at a regular workshop because in stock vehicles, these modules are pre programmed compatible to the VIN specifications by the OEMs.

A T.L vehicle means having ample of issues post repair and the integrity of the core structure is absolutely hampered and it’s equally risky to drive. I do understand the emotions of long term ownership of our motor-vehicles but sometimes we must let them R.I.P and move on.

My sincere apologies. Looking forward with the best outcomes for you as well as your car.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Another cost effective option would be to sell your Polo and buy another clean pre-owned example with airbags. Lateral upgrades rock! Please do read my article on the same. You could also get a Vento (more space) or a superior engine (1.6 TDI, 1.2 TSI).

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