Crank Pulley bolt shears off in 6-year old Hyundai Elite i20

The car has been serviced at the authorised workshop and spends most of its time in the city.

I was almost wrapping up my day when a friend frantically called seeking advice on his i20. He started his car for his routine gym drive and heard something fall off in the engine bay. He opened up the engine bay to find the crank pulley on the floor along with a sheared off bolt and an intact belt!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The car has only been driven in the city all its life barring an occassional run or two to Mahabi, Goa and Mumbai. It has been routinely serviced at the authorised workshop and has a safe parking in the city areas of Pune.

Our fear is that the entire engine will have to be dismantled to remove the remains of the bolt from the crank. My friend was planning his first outstation trip post-COVID and this disaster struck.

Any idea if there is a smarter way to fix this?

These are the words of BHPian moralfibre. Thanks for sharing.

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