Configuring my Honda City’s trip meter to auto-reset after every drive

I’ve set ‘Trip A’ to reset when the ignition is turned off and ‘Trip B’ to reset when fully refuelled.

BHPian sankdadevil recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Starsky was in for a second free service @ 3454 km in the last week. It was a routine checkup and cost nothing except the time to navigate through the Wagholi traffic back-and-forth.

A couple of days back, I was parked outside a shop while my wife was busy shopping and to kill time I started flipping through the settings menu. I found one new addition to the menu that really warmed me up…

You see, one of the original dislikes that I had with Honda City was its inability to automatically reset the trip meter to 0.


The Trip 1 doesn’t reset to 0 automatically after a certain period of no use i.e. I need to remember to reset Trip 1 before every journey – our Polo used to reset Trip A after two hours of being parked and it helped to check the trip stats.

Lo and behold! The new Meter Setup menu.

It has two sub-menu,

One for Trip A

and another for Trip B

For each of the trips, we can select the meter to be reset either:

When the ignition is turned off

OR, when fully refuelled

OR, manually

I have been using these reset options and they work as advertised. I’ve set Trip A to reset When the Ignition is turned off and Trip B to reset when fully refuelled.

A small update like this makes one feel that the company is listening to feedback from the customers. I am not sure what are the grand plans of Honda in India, however, they have won a lot of trust over the years and any well-thought initiative by them will definitely help them win back the market share.

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