Completed 1,000 km with my RE Interceptor 650: Overall experience

cost me a tidy sum of Rs 6350. I liked the way it fit; clean, minimalist, and will look and fit even better once packed to capacity.

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Odo Reading: 1021 kms

As I had whined and moaned in my previous post, I had to jump through many hoops to get my number plates from the dealership, but the pressure tactics worked and i get the vaahan notification in a couple of days, and a call from the sales person that my plates have arrived at the showroom. I had also downloaded the RC on my Digilocker. A decision (with far reaching consequences) was made to ride to the showroom on the 1st of January to get the plated installed and then on to Karol Bagh to purchase some items.

New year begins not with a bang, but a whimper

Here I was, minding my own business, riding from Noida to Delhi to get my plated installed… and BAM!! I get pulled over by the cops at the Noida side of the DND toll gate. Also pulled up alongside me were a bunch of bikes, ranging from Himalayans to R12OOGSs. Basically a round up of all non commuting bikers. The scariest bit… they were impounding vehicles with impunity, even those with all papers. It was a scary affair, but i found one cop who was willing to listen, and he told me that there was a crash involving a superbike that morning in which a child was apprently killed, hence the knee jerk, cast-a-net-and-book-whoever-you-catch action. He explained to me that since i was driving on a temporary number, my bike would be impounded. My heart sank, but i kept working on this guy. He finally said that if i could get my dealership guys to get the numberplates there, he would let me go with a challan. Thankfully, the showroom guys, well, showed up, plates were affixed and I was let go with a Rs 5,000 challan for “dangerous driving”. I dont know what to make of this whole incident but i am glad my bike isnt in an impound lot and I am not having to do chakkars of the infamous Greater Noida / Surajpur courts.

On to some nicer things

I am probably preaching to the choir here, but isnt there some special fun in hunting for accessories, putting them on and testing them?

Once I was safely out of the grips of Noida’s finest, I continued on my way towards Karol Bagh. I wanted a tail bag for an upcoming ride that I am planning and I zeroed in on the Rynox Navigator Tail Bag. It seemed to have the optimal capacity and was the right combination of tough exterior material and waterproof insides (via 3, 24 L, 12L x 2 drybags provided with the bag). I could have ordered it online but thought of buying it from a shop so i could mount it directly and do a longish spin as a test.

It cost me a tidy sum of Rs 6350 (no discounts, no sir). I liked the way it fit.. clean, minimalist, and will look and fit even better once packed to capacity. An additional advantage is that one can use it as a backrest. here are some photos:

Accidentally Twinning with my helmet

Using an unsurprising traffic jam to sneak in a photo.

50 kms done, bag looks snug

I also got myself a pair of winter gloves by LS2 (Rs 3,000)

The other thing I wasted to get installed was a USB charging port. Karol Bagh was full of these flimsy looking ones that rest on a bracket on the handlebars and connect with the accessories port in the headlight housing, but the quality did not inspire confidence. After some research, i zeroed in on the Cliff Top Dual USB Socket. One of the ports is for fast charging and comes with a solid waterproof cap. Purchased it from Pathpavers in Okhla and including the installation, it set me back Rs 3800.

So that was it folks. That was how I spent the first day of a brand new year. hopefully that will be the worst of it. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

PS: Later that night, i realized that the Rynox bag is also good for storing some very precious and cute cargo.

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