China: New BMW i3 (3 Series electric) sedan images leaked

The new BMW i3 electric sedan once lauunched will be a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3.

Images of the new BMW 3 Series electric, called the i3, have been leaked in China. The new BMW i3 is based on the current-generation 3 Series sedan and has nothing in common with the electric hatchback.

As per the images, the new BMW i3 sedan carries forward a similar design as its ICE-powered version, albeit with a few changes. These include an enclosed front grille with blue accents, new aerodynamically designed alloy wheels and updated front and rear bumpers. The rear also features an ‘eDrive 35L’ badge, indicating the sedan could be an extended wheelbase version.

BMW hasn’t revealed any details of the sedan’s electric powertrain, although reports do mention it could feature an electric motor producing around 335 BHP. The new BMW i3 sedan could also offer a range of over 450 km on a single charge.

BMW is yet to announce an official unveil date for the new i3 sedan.

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