Chevy Silverado Gets the Tough ZR2 Package for the First Time

    Chevrolet’s new Silverado only just launched in 2019, but in the hotly contested full-size pickup battles, there’s never a bad time to unleash an update. The mainstream star of the Silverado’s update is its new interior, on trucks carrying the LT-trim package and above. The more exciting news for ’22 Silverados is an additional package aimed at the off-road enthusiast: the ZR2.

    The update most will see in their 2022 Silverado is the new interior. Sitting in the dash of LT and higher Silverado pickups is a 13.4-inch touchscreen. This new touchscreen is flanked by a 12.3-inch digital, customizable gauge cluster. Joining the consumer tech is a sharper focus on material choice and design. This new interior should help the Silverado better compete with the luxurious cabins found in higher-end Ram and Ford rigs.

    Of course, the star of the new model for enthusiasts is the addition of the ZR2 badge to the Silverado lineup. The ZR2 package has been around for decades, and was most recently deployed in the Chevrolet Colorado. Effectively, the ZR2 simply means that it’s a truck built to handle the rigors of off-roading.

    For the Silverado, the ZR2 package translates to a 6.2-liter-powered Silverado that sits on a set of 33-inch off-road tires. This off-road-ready package also includes Multimatic 40mm DSSV spool-valve dampers and e-lockers front and rear. That hardware means that this Silverado is ready to see tackle anything in its way. Keeping the expensive parts safe from trail damage, Chevrolet also equips the Silverado ZR2 with a unique skid plate package.

    Rounding out the major updates for ’22, Chevrolet is also including its Super Cruise driver assistance system to the Silverado lineup. Formerly only available on Cadillac products, Super Cruise gives you hands-free driving capabilities on select roads. This system isn’t quite autonomous, but it does take some of the heavy lifting out of the driver’s hands.

    If you’re interested in one of these new Silverado rigs, you’ll have to wait until spring to see them at your local dealer. Even still, with the continuing fight for computer chips, your order might take longer than average to hit your driveway.

    Will these updates to the Silverado help it in the perennial truck battle? Let us know your thoughts below.

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