Check Out this Nifty Center Airbag in the ID.3

Volkswagen is working hard to ensure that the ID.3 is as safe as possible when it comes out and its latest innovation is a new airbag.

You may think that, like blades on a razor, automakers couldn’t possibly fit more airbags on a car, but VW has found a place. Right between the driver and the passenger.

☝Safety first.
In the latest episode of “Becoming ID.”, we show the incredible impact protection of the ID.3 during a 60km/h crash test. #VWID3 #NowYouCan #eMobility

— Jürgen Stackmann (@jstackmann) October 21, 2019

Volkswagen made a big fuss about how its MEB electric platform would allow cars to become lounge-like and spacious, and perhaps it’s as a result of that open space that it saw an opportunity to insert some extra protection.

The airbag unfurls from the roof and goes between the front occupants during a crash to prevent them from smacking into each other.

Unfortunately, it’s still too early to know if the airbag will find its way into American ID vehicles, but it will be interesting to see how many vehicles this new airbag finds way into.

The company has also been making big efforts to ensure that the battery tray is safe in the event of an accident. Load paths in the tray help direct energy from a collision around the battery cells to try to keep them from rupturing.

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