Bought a used KTM 390 Adventure done 13,000 km: My overall experience

I am happy with the motorcycle so far but it is so different to the Kawasaki Z900.

BHPian hiren.mistry recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Happy to share that I picked up a pre-owned 390 Adventure yesterday. So far happy with it, this bike is so different to the Z900. I will need to learn a totally different style to gel with the 390 Adv.

Here it is in all its glory:

Got some war wounds, but the bike carries them well.

Impressive Tool Kit

Have observed a few things with it and will take it to KTM Service early next week to get them checked.


Got the bike to KTM Goregoan for a quick check-up. I had such a pleasant experience there, was attended to immediately. Things I wanted to be done/checked:

  • Latest software update with riding modes
  • The rear brake pedal extension (removable part) needed a replacement

Fortunately, they had the pedal in stock. The software update also went smoothly.

The service cost was hilariously inexpensive. I was charged a princely sum of INR 24 for the brake pedal and INR 178 for the software update. This is such a pleasant surprise.

Might be a placebo, but I feel the bike has become a bit calmer in the lower RPM range, but it will still shudder and rattle. I will have to live with this ‘Character’ of the bike. I also got the rear suspension at the lowest preload setting, which hasn’t made a lot of difference.

The clutch, acceleration connection still feels alien to me, but it is still early days and I am still adapting to the bike. There are some vibes from the windscreen area, will address that over the weekend.

Upgrades planned

  • I have ordered Motourren’s neck brace based on what I read here and some videos on YouTube. Will share an update once I have it installed.
  • Thinking of the Powertronic Fuel-X  Lite autotune to ease the low-speed fueling/juddering.

Look forward to the feedback on the autotune if anyone has installed it on their bike.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

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